1.1. Overview:

Established in 1993 by African Governments, African private and institutional investors as well as non-African financial institutions and private investors, Afreximbank, was founded as a multilateral financial institution, promoting and expanding intra-African and extra-African trade. With its preferred creditor status, investment grade ratings and strong capital adequacy ratio but low cost to income ratio; Afreximbank has managed to maintain consistent profitability with return on equity averaging around 11%. These results would not be achieved without the commitment to deliver excellence to our clients – who are at the core of all business solutions.


2.1 Background:

Inadequate (and often non-existent) information on trade, market, investment opportunities and customs procedures increase the cost of doing business in Africa. For this reason, many African businesses find it easier to trade with entities outside of the region. Indeed, a major impediment to intra-African trade is that people in one African country lack information about trade opportunities in other African countries. Even during the best of times, the operating environment for importers and exporters remains in a constant state of flux. International rules and regulations change all the time. There are many strategic strands to keep track of – which is not the day to day business of an exporting or importing company. Further, many lack the resourcesand expertise to hire professional services firms to help them make costly decisions – like which products to develop for the disparate tastes, languages and preferences for the average African consumer; as well as which markets to enter.

The Trade Information Unit (TRIN) value proposition is based on providing strategic intelligence and decision support to Importer and Exporters, Investors, Export Trading Companies (ETCs.) and Export Development Agencies (EDAs) seeking to enter or expand existing capabilities in Africa through a range of integrated trade intelligence solutions. Afeximbank is uniquely poised to provide these services to its clients given the organization’s depth of trade expertise; mandate to promote trade in Africa and unique composition as an Africa focused Trade Finance Institution.

2.2 Objectives of the Trade Information Unit (“TRIN”):

The Trade Information Unit caters to two broad categories of clients: 1) Those looking to

understand African markets; and 2) Those looking to operate (or expand operations) in

African markets. These client needs are addressed by two distinct offerings:

I. Standardized Trade and Market Intelligence Products including (but not limited

to) formal trade statistics, country briefs, sector briefs, African currency outlooks,

commodity outlooks and trade policy update, supply chain analysis, market

opportunity predictions, product pricing and logistic information etc.; which will be

disseminated via an online Trade Portal.

II. Bespoke Trade Information Advisory Services such as proprietary data

collection and analysis, market entry strategies, market and product sizing, new

product development, export capacity and growth analysis, market risk analysis,

competitor analysis and the facilitation of strategic partnerships are delivered via a

direct business consulting model.


Afreximbank is looking for experienced Consultants to facilitate the completion of strategic

bespoke consulting assignments for a variety of clients including large and medium sized

importers and exporters, Export Trading Companies and Export Development Agencies.

The consultant will assist in the development of growth strategies from market penetration,

market development, product development and diversification to unique partnerships

arrangements. The Consultant will also be required to assist in the development of

research studies to help strengthen and support the strategic development of the TRIN


The Consultant will specifically be expected to undertake on behalf of the Bank, among

others, the tasks listed hereunder:

a) Strengthen the TRIN strategy and business model conducting a study on the market

for the provision of strategic trade related advisory and consultancy services;

b) Conduct a Study on the implementation status of Trade Information Portals in Africa

to identify market gaps and opportunities;

c) Utilizing the findings of points a) and b) – strengthen and reorient the existing TRIN


d) Development of a Data Collection Strategy to support the TIP

e) Assist in the preparation of client pitch documents, development of standardized

slide decks and materials to onboard clients, identification of data/ subscription/ any

activities to grow the offering;

f) Build and maintain a strong pipeline of good quality consultancy assignments within

the Africa focused, trade related mandate of the Bank;

g) Any other duties as may be assigned to the consultant by the Hiring Manager.

Specific Deliverables:

The following deliverables will be expected during the contract period:

  • Deliverable/Expected Output

  • Market Study on Trade Related Advisory Services in Africa

  • Study on the implementation status of Trade Information

  • Portals in Africa

  • Reorientation of the TRIN Strategy

  • Data Collection Strategy for TIP

  • Preparation of client pitch decks – based on existing pipeline

The selected Consultant will be required to pursue the Scope of Work outlined above,

immediately upon execution of necessary engagement letter.


The consultant to be selected must have:

  • MBA or Postgraduate degree or equivalent in Economics, Statistics, or other related

    fields from a recognized University;

  • Sound experience and proven track record of at least 8 years, preferably in the

    management consulting, economic research or financial services industry as a

    Economist or Strategy Professional or Management Consultant and expert in one or

    more of the following business functions: economic research, international trade,

    management consulting or other related work;

  • Demonstrated experience in collection, monitoring and management of large economic

    and trade data and preparing presentations;

  • Demonstrated experience in the preparation of strategic advisory services to clients

    across a broad spectrum of industries and specialisms

  • Experience in the development, management and use of Trade Information Portals,


  • Good knowledge of relevant statistical and econometric software for analyzing large

    volumes of data (e.g. SPSS, STATA, Eviews, Mathlab, SAS, MICROFIT, PcGive, etc.);

  • Familiarity with major trade database including those of ITC, WTO, UNCTAD, and

    DOT; and other database such as WDI and IFS;

  • Excellent research, analysis and writing skills.


The Consultant will perform the tasks stated in Section 3 "Scope of Work" for a period of

9 months from the date of engagement, being the length of the assignment. The

engagement could be renewed upon evaluation.


During the Period of Assignment, the Consultant will be required to operate from

Afreximbank's Headquarters located at the following address: 72 (B) El-Maahad El-

Eshteraky Street, Roxy, Cairo, Egypt, which shall be regarded as the duty station.

However, he/she may from time to time, at the Bank’s discretion locate temporarily in any

of the Bank Branches for short periods.


It is expected that the Consultant submits monthly reports on the activities undertaken and

a final report will be submitted within one month from the end of the date of assignment.

Document Classification: Confidential


The quality of work being performed, and the progress being made toward achieving the

purposes of the said engagement, shall be subject to review by the Bank’s Management

on a monthly basis. If at any time during this agreement, the Bank’s Management is not

satisfied with the quality of work or progress being made towards achieving the purposes

of this engagement, the President or his designees may, in his absolute discretion, declare

this agreement terminated by written notice to you, with a two week notice period. This

decision shall be final and binding.


The Consultant will be bound by the Bank’s staff rules and regulations as laid out in various

documents and policies and as may be approved by the Board of Directors from time to

time and such other provisions as may be covered by the Bank’s Charter and

Headquarters’ Agreement with the Arab Republic of Egypt. The Bank may terminate the

services of the Consultant in the event of a finding by the appropriate disciplinary authority

of the Bank that he/she is guilty of any breach of these rules and regulations. Should such

a case arise, this contract shall come to an immediate end and their services to the Bank

shall cease forthwith.