A.D.U. offers a world-class education to the most outstanding young women and men from the Sahel region. A.D.U. cultivates in these future leaders the ethics, knowledge, skills, and mindset that they will leverage to accelerate the development of their nations.

2 months - 1 year of social entrepreneurship in Niamey, Niger, helping to scale a brand new university: A.D.U.

Reporting directly to President, or Dean.


Don’t think of this opportunity as working for a Larry-Summers type in a beautiful, stuffy office with a mahogany desk. We’re not that type of higher education institution. You’d be working for someone like Kader Kaneye - think of a Niger-born Steve Jobs before he was famous and rich, a doer. 


WHO (continued)

Students like Maimouna. When Maimouna dreams of the future in Niger, she aspires to help create a NGO that will support women and girls who are victims of family and social violence. She also dreams of building a new framework for education through school renovations and teacher trainings. Maimouna has already gotten started. Among other things, she has created a magazine, KASSAY, to support women’s empowerment by bringing attention to stories of successful women from Niger.

And Feyçal, who is a social leader in the group. We first met him volunteering at an event at the local orphanage that is home to several of our students. Whether it’s learning English, tackling a puzzle, or learning chess, Feyçal embraces every challenge that he encounters along his path to becoming a leader and community builder.



The work is all-in, super intense. It’s a non-stop of 70+ hours a week, nights and weekends. It’s a start-up, and so it has that culture, minus perhaps ping pong table, although that could be negotiated.

You might develop a new marketing program to connect with 10,000 secondary school seniors in cities and villages across Niger and Francophone Africa. Or, you might design a student lab to help students identify problems in their communities, develop innovations to address those problems, and open their own companies. Or, you might collaborate with our students and faculty to write five cases that are based in Niger and can be used to teach business ethics over the coming decades. Or, you might partner with one of the most innovative architecture firms in Africa to engage in the planning for the Phase 1 of our campus, due to be constructed within the next 5 years. Or you might design processes, systems, formalize the strategic plan or the Business Plan of the University or the fundraising strategy.

Your projects will be high-impact, urgent, and audacious. You will have a key role in determining your areas of focus, and you will receive more feedback than ever before.



Safety is our top priority, comfort is our second priority, because we want you in great shape to work hard. So you’ll live in a secure, air-conditioned housing near campus or in a shared room in the President own home; you’ll share a car and driver (for safety); you’ll have a chef who prepares dinner (partly for safety, so you eat healthy and well-cooked meals, and partly for comfort…so you can work hard). We can not afford at this point to cover flights or stipends, but locally you won’t have to spend a dime.