As the most innovative company in Africa, we are catalysing the transformation of the continent by empowering its biggest untapped resource — its people. ALX is a Leadership Development Platform that is expanding rapidly across Africa - towards the ambitious goal of developing 3 million leaders who will tackle the challenges and capture the opportunities of the continent. These leaders will transform Africa and create opportunities for millions. ALX, the newest part of the African Leadership Group, is a bold innovation in talent and leadership development. ALX merges lifelong learning and development with a purpose-led community, innovation ecosystems and venture incubation. Our goal is to become the gathering place for the top 5% of leadership talent across hundreds of cities in Africa and around the world.


As a member of the founding team, you will be the entrepreneur launching the ALX Hub in your city - and then growing it to its full potential. You will build a team and relationships with corporate partners, establish a local brand, and develop a community of leaders and entrepreneurs to establish ALX as the catalyst for top talent in your city. You will have full P&L responsibility for your city and will be expected to grow operations from $0 to at least $15m in revenues within 5 years.


After a successful launch in Nairobi, we are expanding and are looking for courageous, passionate entrepreneurs and doers to launch ALX in cities like Lagos, Johannesburg and Casablanca and beyond. Please see below for the open positions that we are currently actively recruiting for:

  • General Manager: Local leader of ALX and fully responsible for building, developing and growing ALX, your team and the P&L. You will lead and manage the business, be the face to the community and empower your team to do incredible things

  • Learning Program Lead: Responsible for leading the end-to-end transformational experience and operations of ALX’s flagship programs. You will lead the hiring and development of facilitators and the coaching of program participants. You will own the P&L of the flagship program and work closely with the Partnerships Lead to help unleash full

    potential of our Partners’ talent.

  • Partnerships Lead: At the forefront of developing successful, long-term, strategic relationships with businesses, NGOs, communities and individuals in your city. You will identify and build collaborations that help our partners achieve transformational change by unleashing the full potential of their teams, while making ALX the go-to-place for talent and leadership development.

  • Community Lead: Make ALX the ‘go-to’ place for the top talent in a given city and a vibrant, entrepreneurial hub. We are looking for a masterful community builder who is able to curate powerful and inspiring experiences for our members and the broader ALX ecosystem.

If interested, please apply directly at: https://www.alx.app/job-openings/