Penda is one of Africa’s fastest growing healthcare companies:

Penda Health is building the healthcare provider of the future to get quality and trustworthy healthcare to Africa's middle and lower-income families. We've designed a model to deliver high quality, trusted healthcare care for ultra-low cost and make a profit doing it.

We have 300 employees operating 12 Medical Centres in Nairobi treating 150,000+ patients a year, many of whom don’t have access to quality care without Penda. And we’re growing fast. In 2018 we secured our series B to expand rapidly across Kenya and to research expansion into new countries and inpatient healthcare.

More info: Qualified candidates will receive our most recent investor pack during the interview process.

Role Summary:

We’re hiring an Investment Director to secure and manage all of the investment needed over the next 5 years to enable us to bring really great healthcare to all families Africa.

Role highlights:

  • Help improve healthcare experience for families in Nairobi and soon much wider

  • Join one of the fastest growing healthcare companies

  • Make the strategy and raise the funding we need to achieve our vision

  • Stock options available


Over the next 5 years we’ll be raising the following funding to achieve our long-term vision:

  • Debt to fund our capex expansion (new medical centres and eventually hospitals)

  • Series C and potentially Series D equity investments

  • A strategic investment round

  • Inbound requests for grant funding for special projects

  • We’ll explore acquisition and strategic partnerships with potential acquirers

  • We may decide to acquire other businesses as we enter into new markets and verticals

This is a full time, permanent position, based in our support office in Nairobi and reports directly to Nicholas, one of Penda’s cofounders.

We envision several potential growth paths for the investment director, and we’re looking to recruit someone who will over achieve and grow within the company.


In summary: Secure smart funding to enable us to revolutionize healthcare across Africa

  • Improve Penda’s culture: We take culture seriously and expect our teammates to be great performers AND great teammates. Be fun to work with; honest, direct and genuine; give and receive feedback often; debate and fight for the best decisions; actively help other parts of Penda outside your department.

  • Evaluate and advise on impact of different types of fundraising for the company (equity, debt and grant). Complete a landscape analysis of investment options, including creative ones. Advise management and the board on best funding practices given strategy map and projects.

  • Secure and pitch at meetings with the right potential investors and acquirers: Make our investment pipelines, get meetings, pitch alongside side our cofounder Nicholas, ask the right questions and educate them about penda. Everyone you meet should turn into a Penda believer. Build relationships with both the local and international investor and potential acquirer networks.

  • Execute and organize our entire investment process: Make a project plan for each type of investment, execute on it and communicate our progress to the company regularly. Manage all contacts (probably make a simple CRM for this), notes, and investor information. Make a system to follow up on all meetings, send out updates, report to the board, etc.

  • Develop exceptional investment material: Create a great investor pack including financial model, deck, cap table and all other supporting documents. Complete all the research needed for this as well. You may decide to use some extra support to get all this done, if so recruit and manage them.

  • Lead the negotiation of term sheets and investment agreements: to make sure Penda gets great, smart investment terms that help our long-term vision.

  • Manage all investment related projects: These include due diligence, reviewing our employee stock option program, etc. For all these, manage the commercials and engage our lawyers wisely for the legals. Consult on the most important aspects and push these projects through to completion.

  • Recruit and manage consultants and partners to get all our work done: Evaluating and managing our lawyers; working with our corporate secretary during fundraising; hire a grant writer for grant funding. For all these, make sure our partners know our vision, are excited and are working with us to achieve it, not just for the billable hours.

  • Eagerly pick up other projects: In this role you have visibility into the entire company, so you’ll be asked to help on other things. Be excited to pick up various projects, some completely not related to investment if that’s what the company needs to win!


  • Be great at pitching a clear, compelling and bold vision!

  • Have previously completed multiple transactions of venture capital, private equity or

    mergers and acquisitions, from either the investor side of the entrepreneur side. More

    experience across more deals is a plus.

  • 5-10 years’ experience in an investment related role.

  • Skills required to build and manage our investor materials. Strong modeling skills,

    strategy skills to design asks and pitches, skills to make pitch decks and supporting

    documents. Ability to manage our capital table, etc.

  • Have managed employees or consultants before.

  • Based in Nairobi or willing to be.

  • Willingness to travel internationally

Salary and Benefits:

  • Be part of the team that transforms healthcare for the masses across Africa

  • Competitive salary based on qualifications and experience

  • Stock options

  • Full medical cover for inpatient and outpatient for your whole family

  • Great benefits package

  • Join a great place to work: We’re working hard at our culture. In 2018, we were ranked Kenya’s #26 best place to work.

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