Who we are

A Microsoft-invested tech company in rural Africa is looking for MBA summer interns. Mawingu Networks competes with Google and Facebook to connect rural Africans to the internet and we are looking for talent to support rapid expansion.  

 We are based in one of the most attractive parts of Africa, surrounded by picture-book national parks and snow-covered mountains directly on the equator (location: Nanyuki, Kenya). And we have both a great commercial mission and real social impact (more on my LinkedIn profile). We also have close bonds with major US institutions. Microsoft is a shareholder as are Vulcan (the vehicle of Microsoft founder Paul Allen) and a top former Cisco engineer with his SF-based fund. Recently we had one of the FCC commissioners from Washington dropping by for lunch. Satya Nadella has come to visit us. Barack Obama has lauded us.   

But we make our own luck. Every day. We are a start-up with about 100 employees and there is a real range of abilities. Our commercial director is ex-McKinsey, but most staff have not been outside Kenya.  

 Available Opportunities:

In terms of intern opportunities, there may be some strategy and finance work, however a lot of what we do is operational. It exposes one to really interesting problems, around new technology, staffing, customer service, product development, process engineering, salesmanship, automation and government regulations. We have projects around geographic expansion to other parts of Africa; we are creating an IoT proposition and Africa-specific data services; we are working on human capacity building.   

 Message from the CEO:

For me personally, the most interesting part about working in Africa is that one gets exposed to lots of different aspects of business. An MBA is never just an analyst or an operations manager or a salesperson. One inevitably does a little bit of everything. And to be good at that one needs to be versatile, savvy, resourceful, relentless and hungry. Does this sound like you? If so, I'd like to ask:  

Why might you want to do this - what's interesting to you about it?   What do you want to do after your MBA, how would this help?   

  • Have you lived or worked in a developing country before? If not, what about interning together with an MBA buddy?  

  • What's your expectation in terms of money? We have no budget for interns but could provide amenities and do have lots of opportunities.  

If you would like to apply, please email me at oliver.august@mawingunetworks.com, with a copy of your CV and some insight into why this is the right opportunity for you.