Introducing Movemeback

Movemeback is making Africa’s most distinctive opportunities accessible to top global talent, leaders and influencers. As a members’ community, we connect talented professionals, students and entrepreneurs to high-potential career, entrepreneurial, investment and partnership opportunities. Through the development of our community, we are enabling and empowering talented individuals to shape and accelerate Africa’s social and economic development. We achieve this through five practical areas of focus: 

  • Careers: Providing professionals, graduates and students with access to Africa’s most impactful opportunities, including positions with multinationals, start-ups, policy-makers, social impact organisations and more;

  • Collaboration: Facilitating online and offline relationships between our members, enabling collaboration on high-profile or private initiatives; 

  • Entrepreneurship: Enabling global entrepreneurs to start building African solutions, even from abroad;

  • Insights: Sharing inspiration, knowledge, intelligence and authentic African insight to support individual journeys;

  • Investment: Supporting global funding of high potential, African focused companies, projects and turnarounds.

 How to Join Movemeback

Movemeback is a global curated community of 25,000 individuals across over 110 countries. Membership is free and quick, although we screen every application against the dimensions of professional, leadership, academic and/or entrepreneurial excellence prior to approval. Apply to join Movemeback in minutes at

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Movemeback team at